Problem with pairings in norsk monrad

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Tore Kristiansen

Oct 12, 2009, 1:16:22 PM10/12/09
to TournamentService
I have had a problem with the pairings in norsk monrad. In a
tournament a couple of weeks ago with 85 participants and 1 of them
unavailable in the first round, the system wouldn't give me the
correct pairings for all the boards. We solved the problem by deleting
the unavailable player.

I have been told that this was not any problem at all during the
Norwegian Championship this summer.

Today I have tried it on another pc. The programme has been downloaded
but we used the same licence number. But the problem is still there.
This time I created a totally new tournament with new players, 85 with
1 unavailable in the first round. I dit it 3 times, and started from
scratch each time. The last time I used only players from the latest
FIDE top 100 list. But still the programme didn't make the parings
correct in the first round according to the rules of norsk

What can I do to fix this?


Oct 12, 2009, 5:48:08 PM10/12/09
to TournamentService
Well, you supply few details, but after some testing I think I see
what you mean. The rules specify that player #1 is to have black
against #2, #3 is black against #4 etc. This works OK until TS
encounters the "unavailable" player. From that point on, the colors
are assigned the opposite of what one would expect.

I think the rules doesn't really describe how to handle unavailable
players who have received a pairing number. However, I agree that TS
in this case seems to violate the idea behind the rules, where the top
seed is supposed to have black. So yes, I have decided this to be a
bug in the current version of TournamentService (but it will only
impact round#1 of NSF-monrad pairings).

This is now corrected for the next version of TS, but not officially
released yet.

In the meantime, the workarounds are
- delete the unavailable player(s) before pairing round 1 (your
suggestion, also the best one if the pairing numbers are seeded)
- manually manipulate the pairing numbers so the unavailable player
get the higest pairing number

Thank for pointing this out!

Tore Kristiansen

Oct 15, 2009, 7:16:43 AM10/15/09
to TournamentService
Well, it wasn't that simple. The programme don't give the correct
pairing of players in round 1.
In the other rounds it wasn't a problem.
I'll email 2 test-tournaments directly to you.

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Oct 15, 2009, 12:33:57 PM10/15/09
to TournamentService
OK, from the example you sent me I realize it isn't actually the
pairing that is wrong, but the seeding of pairing numbers (the end
result is the same however, incorrect pairings in the first round).

As I implied in the workarounds in my previous post, yes the problem
will get worse if seeding is involved. However both cases are fixed
for the next version. The unavailable players (and the players making
the groups uneven) will now all be seeded last, i.e get the highest
pairing numbers and the pairing will be correct.

Again, thanks for drawing my attention to these matters!

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