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Sep 7, 2019, 9:14:05 AM9/7/19
to TournamentService
What parameters are available on TournamentList.aspx URL (

I'm particularly interested in the following:

* Search on StartDate after particular date, e.g.>2019-01-01
* Search on StartDate between two dates, e.g.>2019-01-01&SrchStartdate>2019-06-01
* Search for latest 5 tournaments (not working any longer?), e.g.
* Expand the list size returned from default 20 to some other value, e.g.

Best regards,
Geir Ole

Harald Heggelund

Sep 7, 2019, 11:34:10 AM9/7/19
to TournamentService

Unfortunately, there are currently no parameters for date filtering of the tournament list or changing the list page size. You will find a description of the possible parameters inside the help system in TournamentService, and also online here:
The "latest=xx" parameter has always worked but for a different purpose: It is for listing the latest sign-ups to a specific tournament.

Snipped from the link above:

  • Latest enrolled: You can also get a dynamic list with the latest signups for your tournament: Start with the URL for "enrolled", and append, for example, "&latest=5" to the URL, like this: If you want a smaller version of this list, use a negative number (ex "&latest=-5") for a compact-version,  suitable for inclusion on your existing tournament web pages. Note: Only the enroll date is used to sort this list, the time of day is ignored.


  • Adaptable tournament lists:  In a manner similar to how you got a club-tournamentlist (se the paragraph on "tournament history" above), you can also include other search parameters in the URL. You can combine by using multiple criterias on the same time, separated as usual with  "&". Below is an example URL utilizing all possible parameters:


This entire URL must of course be on one line. All the searches are performed using a partial string search (SQL: LIKE %xxx%) and they are case insensitive

Sep 7, 2019, 4:25:14 PM9/7/19
to TournamentService
Thank you for prompt reply, Harald!
Please add my suggestions to the wish list! :-)
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