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Georg A. Krohg

May 8, 2016, 1:00:54 PM5/8/16
to TournamentService

We (Modum Sjakklubb) are going to publish live games with DGT LiveChess in our next tournament. LiveChess has a nice feature called "Load Pairing" where a PGN file can be loaded (only the headers in the PGN are used, moves are ignored). This would be a simple way to get all the names of the players into LiveChess, and to speed up the process between rounds.

I have searched (I'm new to TS :) ), but I can't find any export function for pairings, only for results. 

Any suggestions?

Best regards,
Georg A. Krohg

Harald Heggelund

May 8, 2016, 1:33:53 PM5/8/16
to TournamentService
Should be straight forward - but you need to start from the publishing window (click the "publish" cloud at the main screen).
In that window, you'll find a tab for "Publishing games" ("Legge ut partier"). 
On that tab, you'll find a button:  "create/update pgn files". These files are intended as a starting point for entering moves and thus automatically create onlilne viewable games. But, the files should be exactly what you and Livechess want: PGN headers only.
You should also be able to get PGN files back from livechess with the moves included. Please keep me posted if there is any room for improvement in the livechess integration - I don't use it too often myself.

Georg A. Krohg

May 8, 2016, 2:53:35 PM5/8/16
to TournamentService

Great, thanks,

looks like "just what the doctor ordered" :)


(I looked in the Publish window before posting, but the "Legge ut partier" tab was hidden because I chose the first option to keep the tournament "secret" while testing - my mistake  :) )

Du ekke fra Hammerfæst, væl? Syns æ drar kjensel på navnet fra ei Kalotturnering på 70-tallet, eller nåkka sånt :)
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