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Dec 4, 2014, 4:16:21 AM12/4/14
to tot...@googlegroups.com

I am currently evaluating web-frameworks and I found total.js.
You have this nice front page where all the cool features of total.js are shown (e.g. "Beautiful templating"). But for me, who want to to make a quick decision about what framework to choose instead of his current stack, it is important how that looks like in code. I think about porting some templating, so I am interested how I create a template in total.js. You have over 100 examples on github. That's Great! But just search them for "template" --> nothing found!

So why don't you just add some links on all of your cool headings that lead directly to one of the examples? So someone who is interested in the framework is just one click away from the code. Why not show directly how awesome you are?

- Andreas

Peter Širka

Dec 4, 2014, 4:56:07 AM12/4/14
to tot...@googlegroups.com, andreas...@googlemail.com
Hi Andreas,
you have good ideas and I'll think about it in short time. I'll write some example for templating, it's good idea.
Total.js contained custom template engine but I removed it because I extended a view engine. So look into "views-" examples or read more about other view engines https://github.com/totaljs/modules/tree/master/View%20Engine --- If you will need help, contact me.

I'm preparing a new version, so I will update website and documentation (on GitHub are updated).

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