ToatalJS build and use in Vagrant BOX, with NGINX server and communication with other DataBase BOX

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Hasan A Yousef

Feb 19, 2015, 4:52:14 AM2/19/15
Hi Peter,
Not sure if this is a proper place for this question, I still Googling hope to find something, but thought to ask here, in case you or any of TotalJS users could help :)

Case / Situation: 

1. I want to build Node app using totaljs framework, running in NGINX server 

2. I've in mind 2 clients/customers, one of them using Windows, and the other using Mac OS. I my self, using Ubuntu for development, using ZORIN OS flavor.

I thought vagrant as it is running in all these 3 systems could be the best option for me, so I build my BOX and distribute it to all.

Required: Can you guide me how to, or where to find the how to, do the following:

  1. start making my Node app BOX
  2. Installing NGINX in the BOX
  3. I need my BOX to communicate with another database box, that is PostgreSQL for the time being, in the future may connect to ORACLE or MySQL or something else,
  4. How to distribute my BOX (or final product, i.e. the app BOX along with the database BOX), and can I distribute it separately, i.e. export/import)

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