Startup App node.js using some of partial.js good features

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Hasan A Yousef

Jan 7, 2014, 4:21:15 AM1/7/14
I'd like to share this startup app with all partials.js fans and users, hope it help you, as Peter helped me getting it done during the last period.

In this app:
1. Using multiple layout,
2. Using authorization, with roles consideration,
3. viewing html saved in different location
4. custom helpers @{}
5. framework errors handler
6. framework database
7. mySQL definition
8. API, data post/send communication with client side including mass array copy

in the client side, I used the AngularJS with multiple applications and data post/send communication with the server, along with Angular bootsrap UI (angular-ui)

hope you find the attached usefull.

Again, GOOGOL thanks to Peter
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