Can anyone tell me if TCS is set up to take a 100 ball innings please?

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Jan 19, 2020, 3:27:00 AM1/19/20
to Total Cricket Scorer
Can anyone tell me if TCS is set up to take a 100 ball innings please?

Would be grateful;; if anyone as set up 100 ball innings as yet ready for the up and coming season. Has anyone tried it with TCS and how did you find it while scoring?
Did you find it easy to set up in database?
Any tips to watch out for?

Look forward to hearing from anyone.


Richard Burden

Feb 7, 2020, 7:10:47 AM2/7/20
to Total Cricket Scorer
Seems to work fine. Make it 10 balls per over, 10 overs per innings and change bowler mid over if required.

Lynn Allen

Feb 7, 2020, 8:03:40 AM2/7/20
to, Total Cricket Scorer
Afternoon Richard,

Thanks for the advice, can I ask a quick question

 Once you set the 10 ball over and change bowler mid way through that over (understand where you are coming from with that)
my issue is when counting down the balls bowled will this reflect in the second innings showing detail of what they are chasing and how many runs they need off each ball bowled?
Our score board shows this detail and I was hoping you might have some suggestions?

Would welcome any advice from anyone on how they are scoring this on TCS or any other program suggestions would be welcomed.

Look forward to any suggestion on how to fill the database for the 100 ball innings (idiots guide please?)


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Richard Burden

Feb 9, 2020, 2:05:18 AM2/9/20
to Total Cricket Scorer
Hi Lynn,
I think you should be fine - looking at the output the balls remaining and runs required are as expected

<Field no="226">107</Field>  - runs required
    <Field no="227"> 10</Field>
    <Field no="228"> 97</Field> - balls remaining

Interestingly TCS doesn't suffer from the PCS irritation of having to confirm that you want a bowler to exceed their maximum allocation.
PCS counts 5 balls as a 'completed' over in limited overs scenarios, so two five ball overs counts as 2 completed overs.

The bowling stats are of course a complete nonsense!
Attached is a completed innings
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