JAGEX [info] No moving digital currency between products.

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Robin Monks

Apr 26, 2013, 6:33:59 PM4/26/13
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Digital currency cannot be moved between products and must be redeemed on the listed product only.
Unless we say otherwise on our website, virtual currency can only be redeemed within the world of the game where you acquired it. Each Jagex Product may contain one or more virtual currencies. We may at any time change or remove any Item which can be purchased using virtual currency, as well as change the amount of virtual currency needed to acquire a particular Item. You may only redeem virtual currency for Items on offer at the time of redemption.
Unless we say otherwise on our website, virtual currencies are specific to a particular Jagex Product, and one virtual currency used in relation to one Jagex Product may not be exchanged for another virtual currency for use in relation to another Jagex Product. In addition, unless otherwise stated, each virtual currency is independent and is not exchangeable for any other virtual currency in the same Jagex Product.
From <http://www.jagex.com/g=runescape/terms/terms.ws
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