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Jan Linnenkohl

Aug 13, 2008, 4:41:34 PM8/13/08
first a big "Thank you" to the persons, who implemented the IBugTraqProvider-interface.
My actual project is to implement a provider for the Trac database based on the VSTrac-project.
For my implementation I want to translate the repository-root adress towards the an Trac-Url adress. 
In the actual implementation, the choice, which provider (with his parameters) should be used, is based on the working copy path.
That means, when I move or copy my repository to a different folder, I had to reconfigure my BugTraqProvider. I think it would be
better to choose the provider based on the repository-root adress instead of the an working copy path.
It would be nice, when the provider could define, if he needs an repository root or an working copy path.
The parameters are already validated. To build up the parameter list, it would be perfect when a button could appear right beside the
parameter editbox. Then I could open my personal Trac settings dialog to build up the parameter list.
Summarized enhancement ideas:
 * Add optional choice, if either the working copy path or the repository root should be used to identify, which provider is in use
 * Ask the provider, if he could edit the parameter list. If yes, show a button to configure the parameters.
 * Add a function, which is called when the button is pressed (input: actual parameter-list, output: new parameter list)
What do you think about this?

Roger Lipscombe

Aug 14, 2008, 5:02:42 AM8/14/08
We did consider having another bugtraq: property, which you'd assign to
the project in the repository. This'd be the CLSID of the provider for
that project, along with its parameters. In the end, for time reasons,
we opted to model it on the client hook script functionality, feeling
that this was better understood.

It's not quite as simple as the provider attaching to a working copy or
to a repos-location -- the provider isn't loaded until we've already
figured out which one to use.

At some point, I might take a quick look at adding this functionality.
In the meantime, you could use reg.exe to script the provider
configuration, and put this in a batch file in the checked-out directory.

Again, I did consider allowing the provider to show another dialog for
editing the settings. This got cut due to time constraints. Maybe I'll
revisit this for IBugTraqProvider2.


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