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Arioch The

Apr 29, 2022, 6:59:32 AM4/29/22
to tortoisegit-users
win7 / x64 / git 2.35.1win2

i have a rather huge folder, which is a dump of mostly PHP/JS/CSS files from a stripped out Linux box (only SSH access)

AutoCrLF is on

Due to some inner turmoils i had to make a second copy of the folder to edit two branches at the same time, and ssh-copy them to different linux boxes.

so i had a triangle of repos, two local folders and http BONOBO server

i used for syncing pushing and pullinf from local fodler to another (they see one another as remotes), this could be trigger or not. Alaso had branches with non-Latin names, and used to delete them (as normal per gitflow).

All in all, now i have two mostly same folder, one of them is ok, another shows all failes as new (plus) and all fodlers as modified (red circle)

I tried to disable save cache and/org libgit2 in TGit setting, changed nothing

when i run commands like commit and remove changes - IOW git.exe is invoked - the folder becomes all-green for split second and no uncommited files are seen, but as a switch back to Explorer - the cache is re-read and all overlays are again red and blue.

run git maintenance to no avail

longest path is about 160 letters with is much less then Windows MAX_PATH==260

i looked into sources but i don't grasp inner working...

i suspect libgit2 somehow failes to parse git index (or tgit fails to communicate with it), and since down there are all indexes and bitfields it maybe starts reporting garbage?

i perhaps could make my on simple tool in non-C++ language to run libguit2 and see its output and if it is sane.

so, the questions here...

1) does TGit use stock libgit2 dll or some cutsom compilation or maybe statically compiles into main body? can i try download some vanilla libgit2 binary and through it into TGit folder - just to make sure if there was a known bug in libgit2 and maybe it is fixed already?

2) if not, what dll with libgit2 api out of Tgit x64 should i use in an external app to make sure the same code is used to parse repository?

3) if not, what vanilla lib git dll should i use, prefrably win32, to exactly match the version carried withing TGit ?

Arioch The

Apr 29, 2022, 7:21:00 AM4/29/22
to tortoisegit-users

after few days of troubles...

i just made a slight change, made commit, made push to remore repo with setting anchor remote branch...

then pushed to a nearbie fodler

.....and it all miraculously went back to norm, all green again.

I don't know what changed.
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