Announcement: TortoiseGit released

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Sven Strickroth

Jun 10, 2014, 1:17:10 PM6/10/14

we're pround to announce TortoiseGit

We thank all bug reporters, testers and translators for their help!

You can download it here:

Changes since (release notes):
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #2152: Log window show whole commit in "View patch"
* Fixed issue #2149: Can't search message in annotated tag or text in notes
* Fixed issue #2172: Support num parameters of git blame -M and git blame -C
* Fixed issue #2179: Revision comparisons against HEAD should not generate temporary files (allow to compare to working tree)
* Fixed issue #2168: Add to the "Clean up" dialog "Recursive" option for submodules
* Fixed issue #2196: Log dialog file list group headers show parent SHA-1
* Fixed issue #2144: TortoiseGit should support configuring pushurl for remotes
* Fixed issue #2155: Make "Delete Remote Tags..." more discoverable
* Fixed issue #2164: allow Commit from Log > Working dir changes of selected files
* Fixed issue #2096: Allow to disable blue text-label about git.exe execution timings on progress dialog
* Fixed issue #968: Rebase / Cherry Pick dialogs should update "conflict" status when conflicts are resolved
* Fixed issue #1706: Show log in different branch reverts to active branch
* Fixed issue #1973: Support INS/OVR mode in TortoiseMerge
* Fixed issue #1970: Provide replacement function in TortoiseGitMerge
* Use libgit2 for more operations instead of calling git.exe

== Bug Fixes ==
* Fixed issue #2158: TortoiseGit sometimes crashes when doing Sync > Pull
* Fixed issue #2159: URL combo box in Submodule Add is not case sensitive
* Fixed issue #2171: blame setting 'detect moved or copied line' does not work for the case 'from modified files'
* Fixed issue #2174: Submodule update shows wrong submodule list
* Fixed issue #2175: TortoiseGitBlame fails to search if line has non-ascii chars and system locale is not US
* Fixed issue #2141: libgit2 still added the file with mixing EOL, while autocrlf and safecrlf are true
* Fixed issue #2183: Explorer Property Page "Last modified" stays empty
* Fixed issue #2180: When opening revision graph, scroll to current branch
* Fixed issue #2104: Opening log for non-git folder results in multiple error messages
* Fixed issue #2192: Shell context menu not detecting submodule if submodule name differs from submodule path
* Fixed issue #2187: Misshowed branch on many dialogs in the new version
* Fixed issue #2191: Skip-worktree or assume-valid flagged files are not always listed if subfolder is selected
* Fixed issue #2199: Fetch dialog does not delete remote in remote list after managing remotes
* Fixed issue #2200: Add remote name starts with # should not fetch all
* Fixed issue #2190: "Force Rebase" after "Squash ALL" does not mark commits for squashing
* Fixed issue #2073: Remove Entry of remote in "Remote Url" box in sync window
* Fixed issue #2207: "Do you want to stash pop now?" dialog shows "Stash" labeled button instead of "Pop"
* Fixed issue #2161: Windows explorer slow/very long delays with shell extension enabled and accessing network folders
* Fixed issue #2198: MSVCR110.dll error with TortoisePlink. However, using TortoiseGitPlink is recommended

Best regards,
Sven Strickroth
PGP key id F5A9D4C4 @ any key-server

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