Announcement: TortoiseGit 2.3 released

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Sven Strickroth

Oct 1, 2016, 9:59:54 PM10/1/16

we're pround to announce TortoiseGit 2.3.

We thank all bug reporters, testers and translators for their help!

You can check for updates using the settings or the about dialog
(recommended) - or you can download the release here:

Changes since 2.2:
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #2755: TortoiseGitMerge: find dialog box does not
remember desktop location between invocations
* When an alternative/external diff or merge tool is configured, you
can now press the shift key while opening the diff to fall back to
* Fixed issue #2812: Better indicate conflicts on stash pop and allow
to automatically show changes
* Fixed issue #2439: Add 'show branches this revision is on' to the
blame window
* Fixed issue #2026: Allow to navigate to branch shown on "Show
branches this commit is on" dialog
* Fixed issue #2806: Allow to turn off tooltips in file lists (in
advanced settings using ShowListFullPathTooltip)
* Fixed issue #2475: Allow to use mailmap translations in log dialog
* Fixed issue #2816: Add mnemonics to Reset, Switch, Merge Abort and
Export dialogs
* Fixed issue #491: Rename dialog should have a browse button
* TortoiseGit now uses latest libgit2 which supports gitindex version 4
* Added support for GIT_ASK_YESNO wrapper
* Updated libgit to 2.10.0
* Fixed issue #2830: Log from Repository Browser should use selected
branch by default
* Fixed issue #2829: Add, Commit, Rebase, Repository Status, Resolve,
and Revert dialogs try to remember the last selected line on refresh
(e.g., after resolving a conflict)
* Rebase and Commit Dialog: When clicking on OK or resolve and a
conflicted file is detected, jump to it (aka goto next conflict)

== Bug Fixes ==
* Fixed issue #2789: Sync Dialog In ChangeList tab auto-resize column
not optimal
* Fixed issue #2792: Mouse pointer disappears for the log window's
context menu under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
* Fixed issue #2800: Authentication with non-ascii password fails
* Fixed issue #2798: Commit message autocompletion doesn't work with
UTF-8 encoded files
* Fixed issue #2797: RebaseDlg: Make branch selectors adjust with
resized dialog
* Autocompletion of filenames with umlauts in the commit dialog did
not work
* Fixed issue #2799: Column sizes in "Browse references" dialog are
not remembered
* Try harder to not report unchanged files as changed (if modification
time changed)
* Fixed issue #2809: TortoiseGitMerge: Block Control Button is always
disabled on conflict resolution
* Fixed issue #2814: "Git Check for modifications" and Commit dialog
runs batch files for unversioned or ignored files
* Fixed issue #2815: TortoiseGitMerge might hang with ignore comments
* Fixed issue #2557: TortoiseGit Update closes windows explorer but
might not reopen it

Best regards,
Sven Strickroth
PGP key id F5A9D4C4 @ any key-server
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