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Sven Strickroth

Jan 14, 2014, 12:34:59 PM1/14/14

we're pround to announce TortoiseGit

We thank all bug reporters, testers and translators for their help!

You can download it here:

Changes since (release notes):
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #1943: Add "Ignore N items by extension" in Commit dialog
* Fixed issue #1952: Export specific folder
* Fixed issue #1002: No right-drag context menu (git copy & add, git move)
* Fixed issue #1956: Ship more overlay icon sets as TortoiseSVN does
* Add Ref Compare List in Sync Dialog
* Fixed issue #1975: Pull Dialog should remember fast forward only
* Fixed issue #1981: Hotkey to focus on file list in commit dialog
* Fixed issue #1979: Comments are not stripped from commit message
* Fixed issue #1991: Disable (by default) certain operations with stash commits
* Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.20
* Fixed issue #2010: Conflict dialog show local and remote commits
* Autocompletion for language-dependent keywords (usually class/method/variable names) in the commit dialog
* Fixed issue #2034: Show gravatar in TortoiseGitBlame
* Fixed issue #871: Blame copy/move detection and other options
* Fixed issue #1990: TortoiseGitBlame always takes whitespace into account
* Fixed issue #1988: Allow tag selection in From/To fields instead of dates only
* Fixed issue #2015: Save and load ref lists (selections) in "Show log" -> "Browse references"
* Fixed issue #1847: Option to show all local branches in log view
* Fixed issue #1823: Pressing tab key can insert spaces instead of tab in TortoiseGitMerge
* Fixed issue #2047: Create a log file with git commands and output
* Fixed issue #1129: Add Fetch/Pull operations in Show Log window
* Fixed issue #2048: Add date to stash list / reflog
* Fixed issue #2049: Add pull to after commit actions
* Fixed issue #1980: Add Show Unified Diff entry to context menu in TortoiseGitBlame in Revision List
* Fixed issue #1820: Show Assume valid/unchanged files in repo status dialog on a separate list
* Fixed issue #1603: Make "Show Whole Project" in log and commit dialog autosaved
* Fixed issue #827: add the option to autoclose the "Git command progress" window
* Fixed issue #1913: SVN DCommit Button in successful merge Dialog
* Fixed issue #1978: Use file directory on Save revision to path in Repository Browser and log dialog
* Updated libgit to version
* Fixed issue #2059: "Go to line" CLI argument support for diff command

== Bug Fixes ==
* Fixed issue #1947: When editing git notes, spurious reformatting is done
* Fixed issue #1951: Slow switch/checkout dialog
* Fixed issue #1958: Revision graph crashes when trying to switch/checkout via context menu
* Fixed issue #1963: TortoiseGitMerge: Missing color config when an added line is changed
* Fixed issue #1976: Commit log crashes if it receives a WM_PRINTCLIENT while opening
* Fixed issue #1974: bugtraq logregex does not save correctly
* Fixed issue #1977: Commit log: cannot select multiple branches if a branch name matches a filename
* Fixed issue #1992: Compare selected refs fails if tag object is selected
* Fixed issue #1985: TortoiseGitBlame does not follow renames when comparing line with previous version
* Fixed issue #2008: Wrong reflog if hash repeated
* Fixed issue #2004: In create patch serial dialog, number of commits up down buttons reversed
* Fixed issue #2013: Double-clicking on ref log list doesn't work until after right-clicking it
* Fixed issue #2016: Changed files list forgets sort order after switching versions in compare revisions dialog
* Fixed issue #2014: "Show log" doesn't update properly when a window is dragged over it if aero is not enabled
* Fixed issue #2021: Disable commit template when combine commits
* Fixed issue #2024: Unnamed "remote" should not be created
* Fixed issue #2027: Failed to preserve selected commit when filter is removed
* Fixed issue #2030: TortoisePlink crash on x64
* Fixed issue #2037: TortoiseGit.dll sometimes does not close it's handles in explorer.exe
* Fixed issue #2040: "fatal: pathspec did not match any files" error when resolving deleted/modified conflict
* Fixed issue #1866: Check for newer version of tgit behind proxy
* Fixed issue #1927: Clicking on a hyperlinked commit hash leaves the target's log message un-hyperlinked
* Fixed issue #1835: Question mark icons on committed unchanged files
* Fixed issue #2053: Can't do "Combine to one commit"; changed file list wrongly empty
* Fixed issue #2051: Submodule update error when fetchRecurseSubmodules has value on-demand
* Fixed issue #1860: Race condition in git.exe Progress Dialog
* Fixed issue #2020: Passworddialog in background after requesting username
* Fixed issue #1802: submodule update module selection not always accurate

== Known Issues ==
* If you upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1 and you experience problems with the installer, please see issue #2061.
* If you experience problems/crashes while starting Tortoise(Git)Merge, please see issue #2063.

Best regards,
Sven Strickroth
PGP key id F5A9D4C4 @ any key-server
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