Announcement: TortoiseGit released

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Sven Strickroth

Nov 1, 2015, 5:49:29 PM11/1/15

we're pround to announce TortoiseGit

We thank all bug reporters, testers and translators for their help!

You can check for updates using the settings or the about dialog - or
you can download the release here:

Google shut down GoogleCode in August 2015
* The automatic updater stopped working for TortoiseGit older than
* Website:
* Download:
* Documentation:
* Support:
* Issue tracker:
* Contribute:

A note for users of Windows XP: The next major version (1.9+) of
TortoiseGit will drop support for Windows XP.

Changes since
== Features ==
* Updated libgit to version 2.5.0
* Fixed issue #2563: No Windows 10-specific library icon
* Fixed issue #2568: Add Fast Forward Only option to the merge dialog
* Fixed issue #2579: Add option to retry push after failed push
followed by rebase
* Fixed issue #2583: No overlay icon theme for Windows 10
* Fixed issue #2578: Resolve Dialog <enter> should open "Edit
* Fixed issue #2590: Allow to resolve conflicts with TortoiseGitIDiff
by clicking on select
* Added branch revision number for tracking of the source code version
of a branch in automated builds using
"git rev-list --count --first-parent"
* Allow to choose Git Credential Manager for Windows (GCM)
* Fixed issue #2604: Tag using TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:tag should
accept a tag name argument
* Fixed issue #2609: Start scrolling the log from the bottom of the
window rather than the top when finishing the progress
* Fixed issue #2608: Need a cancel option when cancelling a "restore
after commit"
* Fixed issue #2531: Can't filter message in annotated tag or text in
* LogDlg: Clear filter on escape (if set) or exit dialog
* TortoiseGitMerge: Allow to change file encoding
* TortoiseGitMerge: Move all commands to one ribbon to avoid switching
* Add find bar to patch viewer
* Added some new OverlayIcon styles (especially for Windows 10)
* Update PuTTY binaries to 0.65
* Update TortoiseOverlays to 1.1.4-26626

== Bug Fixes ==
* TortoiseGitMerge highlights wrong line in case of file starts with
* Fixed issue #2337: CommitDlg: recent commit messages list isn't
updated after commit in other dialog windows
* Fixed issue #2377: BrowseRefsDlg: Don't enter branch folder on
branch renaming
* Fixed issue #2559: Paths may change to lowercase in explorer
* Fixed issue #2492: ssh key not used for new remote after clone
* Fixed issue #2582: Taskbar icon color differs when drive letter is
* Fixed issue #2580: Clone dialog: Dir/Web button is confusing
* Fixed issue #2558: Can't create a new temp file/folder after
upgrading to Win10
* Fixed issue #2581: Blame is slow on big files
* Fixed issue #2567: Log performance slow on huge repository
* Fixed issue #2585: Language pack files aren't deleted after removing
* Fixed issue #2553: Git cleanup fails for renamed submodules
* Fixed issue #2598: Git Daemon error with root path (as "D:\")
* Fixed issue #2615: Error during Rebase Edit/Split on a root path
* Fixed issue #2528: Unreadably long message box when failing to read
a file in a new project
* TGitCache: Fix possible deadlock and performance optimizations
* Fixed issue #2560: Problems with MS Outlook and "Name"
<> formatted email-addresses
* Fixed issue #2624: Encoding issues when using suggested words from
spell checker
* Fixed issue #2602: templatedir not respected if directory starts
with dot
* Fixed issue #2622: TortoiseGit shows context menu for two
unversioned files even if told not to do so

Best regards,
Sven Strickroth
PGP key id F5A9D4C4 @ any key-server
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