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David Crow

Oct 26, 2006, 11:19:01 AM10/26/06
Congratulations to the community!!!!!! You all (y'all) are the reason BarCampToronto is a success.

Michelle -  send along congratulations about this week's Now Magazine Best of Toronto awards.

Best of Toronto : Tech
Best do-it-yourself conference


BarCamp was created in response to Tim O'Reilly's ultra-exclusive FooCamp, and Toronto was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Billed as 'un-conferences,' these community-driven events for local tech geeks require participation from all attendees. BarCamp has several spinoffs, including the monthly DemoCamp where six presenters have 15 minutes to wow the crowd with their latest innovations.

Yanni Chiu

Oct 26, 2006, 12:12:42 PM10/26/06
> ... including the monthly

> DemoCamp where six presenters have 15 minutes to wow the crowd with their
> latest innovations.

Hmmm. It's currently 5 demos. I was curious where
the six came from, so looking at the wiki:

democamp1, democamp2:
4 x 5 Min Demos (5 min demo, 10 min Q&A/Discussions)
6 scheduled for 15 min. each
4-6 x 10 minute demos
Seems to be a 7 demo free for all
2 min. introduction, 8 min. demonstration, 5 min. questions
democamp7 onwards:
5 x 15 min. demo

So with 2 hours allocated, it seems that 6 demos
could easily fit (assuming a timely start, and
smooth transitions). It would make the trip just
a little more worthwhile.

David Crow

Oct 26, 2006, 1:01:27 PM10/26/06
It seems that wikiality is strong. What the wiki says were the guidelines may not have been updated to represent the actual presentations (unless you are a Colbert Report fan).

The two hours is a guideline and includes setup and breakdown time. Each location presents new challenges. No-Regrets requires more setup than MaRS. What we've realized is that there it is difficult to reduce the transition time between presentations to zero. It is easier to realize that there is a transition and just build it into the plan. It felt cramped doing 6 presentations in the 90+ minutes, i.e., it's not 2 hours, it's closer to 90 minutes.

6 - DemoCampToronto1 - BubbleShare, Rmail, Idee,, AmbientVector, MyDokiDoki
6 - DemoCampToronto2 - RadiantCore, 2ndSite, Kweschun, waveDNA, Drowned in Sound, SR&ED presentation
6 - DemoCampToronto3 - DrProject, OpenBlueNetworks, TheLocalGuru, Nuvvo, Blogware, BlogChat
6 - DemoCampToronto4 - SemaCode, Disposable Digital Cameras, Idee,, Outmailer, tag-Engine
6 - DemoCampToronto5 - BellKidsHelpPhone,, BlogMatrix, Unspace, DabbleDB, SelectAccess
4 - DemoCampToronto6 - Skydasher, BlogScope, BumpTop, Joshua Wehner, (semanticPAL - unable to present)
5 - DemoCampToronto7 - Domainer, FellingBullish, Paruba, The Glove, Damian Conway
5 - DemoCampToronto8 - WildApricot,, Filemobile, Languify, FreshBooks
5 - DemoCampToronto9 - DictaBrain,, ConceptShare, the eMail Company, Pursudo
5 - DemoCampToronto10 - UofT online Grading, Quotiki, BrokenTomb, PBJ, Livin' la Vida Emacs

So out of the first 10 DemoCampToronto's 60% where scheduled to have 6 presenters, and due to hardware incompatibilities 50% had 6 presenters (I missed DemoCampToronto6 for previously documented reasons).


Rohan Jayasekera

Oct 27, 2006, 12:05:25 AM10/27/06
>Congratulations to the community!!!!!! You all (y'all) are the reason BarCampToronto is a success.
And congratulations to the organizers!  Pat yourselves on the back for being recognized outside the community for this achievement.

Jay Goldman

Oct 27, 2006, 2:07:10 AM10/27/06
to TorCamp
I put it up on our blog
but my question stands: do we get a plaque?! Because that would be

Deborah Hartmann

Oct 27, 2006, 11:47:15 AM10/27/06
> do we get a plaque?!
I forget - how do you upload a plaque to a wiki?


Deborah Hartmann
Agile Process Coach
416 996-4337

"Learn the principle,
abide by the principle, and
dissolve the principle."
-- Bruce Lee

Bryce Johnson

Oct 27, 2006, 11:19:18 AM10/27/06
I think you just put a clipping in a picture frame. That is what all
the restuarants do.


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