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Rabbi Zwecker

Apr 23, 2010, 6:38:17 AM4/23/10
to Torah & Chassidus Discussion
The Chozeh or Seer of Lublin once remarked, "Even if the cow is not
giving enough milk that is reason enough to visit the Rebbe and tell
him so, asking for his blessing that the cow gives enough milk."

1. To what extent is that or is that not your impression of a Rebbe?

Must the Rebbe be more than just a role model? Does he counsel his
chassidim? Does he provide for their material as well as their
spiritual needs? Should he help his chassidim financially and support
them? Should they support him? Should he perform miracles, yes, no,

Now the discussion is up to you . . .

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May 3, 2010, 9:21:31 AM5/3/10
to Torah & Chassidus Discussion
Someone needs to "break the ice" and get this conversation going.

That IS my impression of the Rebbe but with a caveat.

The Rebbe is at one with your own G-dly Soul. As such he is the You of
you, your true Self whose servant is the animal soul. While, depending
on one's understanding or personal "evolution" or journey to one's
toward Tzaddikeit, one will approach at one's level. It is fine to say
please pray in your merit that my cow should give milk and my family
should have the ability to pray and my community may have milk, if
that is your level

Better yet is to ask for spiritual blessings. To do so, search your
soul as if the cause of the cow not giving milk is you and no thing or
person else including the cow. Think that the judgment whether the cow
will give milk is first made above. So what is it in your soul
consistent with the cow not giving milk. Are you not giving? Only you
know the answer, but the real You, the Rebbe, knows better than you if
he is a true Rebbe and has Ruach Kodesh. Start giving more, then go to
the Rebbe.

Tell the Rebbe verbally and with a kvittel that the cow is gnot giving
milk and you believe the heavenly judgment is that you are not giving
the milk of Gemilut Hasadim. Ask for the spiritual blessing that leds
to the physical manifestation. Listen carefully to his answer he may
not agree with you "diagnosis". Follow the Rebbe's advice exactly,
take every possible action to fulfill it, and leave the rest to

Short answer, Yes.

Eliot Kusnetz

May 3, 2010, 10:14:56 AM5/3/10
to torahchassid...@googlegroups.com
I have a hard time with the story that the chozeh said 'bring a kvittel if the cow isn't giving milk."  How could I live without my rebbe?  Who would I be?  I cry on his shoulders, and go to him for tochecha, and he showers brachos at every opportunity.  I am who I am because of his personal instruction.  But he is there to help me grow closer to Hashem and perfect myself.  I fear for those who replace Hashem with their rebbe. (I know many who have.) 
In times of need the rebbe provides guidance and reassurance, and ultimately, the answer to the question, "what would Hashem want me to do in this situation?"  But he is not the one who makes the cow give milk- that is Hashem's task.  Yes, the gemara says,
mi moshel li? Tzaddik." - the Berditchever quotes it many times. And I believe that the great tzaddikim are capable of pleading the case of the Yidden before HKBH.  It may have been necessary for the times of the chozeh and besht to perform miracles, but today, I think that this is not as significant a role for the tzaddikim today.  There is a s'vara with the approach of the Kotzker who replied to the petitioner, "Why don't you daven for Hashem to give the cow milk?"  Ain od bilvado...  Don't lose sight of that.

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