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Jun 14, 2010, 10:49:38 AM6/14/10
to Topicscape
I posted about a month ago when I used Topicscape to clean my desktop.
Afterward, I committed to myself that I would keep my desktop clean.
This is a major challenge for me (you should see my desk) but, it was
even more of a problem because I was starting several new projects.

I tend to go into research mode, grab documents and then put them on
my desktop for future reading/reference. I still pulled a ton of
documents, websites, notes but, this time, I put them all in
Topicscape under a parent cone for each project.

I had to resist my natural inclination to just quickly save to Desktop
and then move on. However, after a month of consistently using
Topicscape for any research documents, now it's a habit for me to save
to Desktop and then move docs into Topicscape. As a result, I find
that I'm able to locate documents easier and keep track of my notes
better. I used to use (play) with multiple applications for this and,
although it was fun, as a result I was never quite sure which
application I had put my documents and project notes into.

So, this post has no big revelation or any new or exciting use for
Topicscape. This post is more about how I'm starting to really
integrate the application into my daily work rather than playing with
it periodically. As a result, I've become better organized and
Topicscape has become even more useful for me on a daily basis. It's
not just a toy for me. Now, it's one of my basic tool applications
like my file browser or email.

If you haven't tried using Topicscape on a daily basis, give it a try.
Nothing fancy. Just try using it as your filing system for one or two
projects for a month and you'll get a better feel for how useful it
really is and how you can become better organized and stay on top of
your data. It worked for me.



Jun 14, 2010, 11:25:32 AM6/14/10
to Topicscape
Thanks for sharing this experience, Kelly. Much appreciated.

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