New version of 3D Topicscape Pro: vsn. 2.6

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Feb 5, 2010, 11:08:15 PM2/5/10
to Topicscape
There is a new option in the installer to add two buttons to your
browser toolbar (Internet Explorer or FireFox). One will send a
shortcut to the page you're viewing to the Topicscape Box, the other
will send an instruction to Topicscape Box to make an MHT (Internet
Archive) file of the page you're viewing. You can later open the
Topicscape Box and drag them to the appropriate Topicscape. The MHT
file will include the panel that Topicscape adds (and browsers do not)
to show the source of the page. You will see a new panel during
installation that allows you to choose whether to install these
buttons, and for which browsers.

This was a suggestion from Paul Trueman - thanks.

Download the new version from here:

Bug fixes: Previously when the Halo Menu was in use, it was very
difficult to select the association line (thanks to Scott for steering
us in the direction of this one). Topicscape occasionally did not get
the focus when a file or favicon was dragged over its window, though
topics did light up in blue to show that Topicscape recognized the


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