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Bohms, H.M. (Michel)

Jul 28, 2021, 3:46:42 AMJul 28

Wrt to following fragment in (or later:

  • At most 5 values of ex:property?
  • Shouldn’t that be ex:digit?

The following example illustrates the use of sh:qualifiedValueShapesDisjoint to express that a hand must have at most 5 values of ex:property (expressed using sh:maxCount), and exactly one of them must be an instance of ex:Thumb while exactly 4 of them must be an instance of ex:Finger but thumbs and fingers must be disjoint. In other words, on a hand, none of the fingers can also be counted as the thumb.


        a sh:NodeShape ;

        sh:targetClass ex:Hand ;

        sh:property [

                 sh:path ex:digit ;

                 sh:maxCount 5 ;

        ] ;

        sh:property [

                 sh:path ex:digit ;

                 sh:qualifiedValueShape [ sh:class ex:Thumb ] ;

                 sh:qualifiedValueShapesDisjoint true ;

                 sh:qualifiedMinCount 1 ;

                 sh:qualifiedMaxCount 1 ;

        ] ;

        sh:property [

                 sh:path ex:digit ;

                 sh:qualifiedValueShape [ sh:class ex:Finger ] ;

                 sh:qualifiedValueShapesDisjoint true ;

                 sh:qualifiedMinCount 4 ;

                 sh:qualifiedMaxCount 4 ;

        ] .




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Holger Knublauch

Jul 28, 2021, 4:18:23 AMJul 28

Oops, yes. I need to record this for the errata. This is a W3C doc that I cannot simply change. Thankfully it is just an informal example.


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