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Julia S.

Apr 4, 2024, 9:03:35 AMApr 4
to TopBraid Suite Users
Hi there,
we are using constructor (in v7.7.1) for new entities.
It does exactly what we want it to (specific URI generation, default values, etc). 

I noticed that the new entity is not visible after we hit "ok". Right now, we refresh the page and are then able to search for it. Without the constructor the user gets automatically directed to the new entity. 

I was wondering if this is the expected behavior or rather a sign of incorrect configuration?

Does anyone have experience with this?

Holger Knublauch

Apr 4, 2024, 9:22:02 AMApr 4
Could you show us the last line of the constructor? It just needs to be the variable of the new resource.


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Hi there,
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Julia S.

Apr 5, 2024, 6:10:25 AMApr 5
to TopBraid Suite Users

thank you so much.
We added this as the last line:


and now we immediately get to see the new entity.

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