Error in Data Assets Ontology?

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Tim Smith

Aug 15, 2022, 5:25:41 PM8/15/22

In the Product Sales Data example Data Assets graph, The NORTHWIND Physical Data Model instance has a violation with the realized as property shape.  The property shape indicates the object must be an instance of edg:DataContainer.  NORTHWIND-Production is an instance of edg:RelationalDatabase.  Relational Database does not inherit from Data Container thus the violation.  The same type of violation occurs in the other Data Asset examples that contain Physical Model instances.

edg:DataContainer is defined as:

"A 'Data container' is a collection of logical structures of data, or schema objects. In a relational database a container would contain tables. For example, for Oracle databases a data container is called a 'Schema'."

It's not clear to me how this should be resolved.





Ralph TQ [Gmail]

Aug 15, 2022, 11:38:56 PM8/15/22
Hi Tim,

I have looked into the models and I think we can make relational and other databases subclasses of “DataContainer”.  This is what they would get with inheritance:

rdfs:subClassOf edg:ComplianceAspect ;
rdfs:subClassOf edg:Traceable ;
sh:property edg:DataContainer-hostedOn ;
a sh:PropertyShape ;
sh:path edg:hostedOn ;
sh:class edg:Server ;
sh:group edg:DataContextGroup ;
sh:maxCount 1 ;
sh:order "70"^^xsd:decimal ;

We will need to see how these properties from “DataContaoner” impact the DataBase Classes.

On an aside, there is a QA reporter for lineage map/reduce templates that also includes a diagram generator utility that uses the DAGRE JS libraries for auto-layout.  You run it as follows:

A small change can be made to not show traits (the aspect classes) - (as you mention in another post - will discuss that internally)

Regards, Ralph



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