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Boris Pelakh

Jul 6, 2021, 12:26:55 PMJul 6
to TopBraid Suite Users
I am writing some basic shapes to validate that an ontology is well-formed, and one of checks I would like to add is that subPropertyOf and inverseOf only target the same type of property. For example:

a sh:NodeShape ;
sh:targetSubjectsOf owl:inverseOf ;
sh:property [
a sh:PropertyShape ;
sh:path ( owl:inverseOf rdf:type ) ;
sh:equals rdf:type ;
sh:message "Inverse property must be same type."
] .

a sh:NodeShape ;
sh:targetSubjectsOf rdfs:subPropertyOf ;
sh:property [
a sh:PropertyShape ;
sh:path ( rdfs:subPropertyOf rdf:type ) ;
sh:equals rdf:type ;
sh:message "Super-property must be same type."
] .

The problem I run into is with additional types like owl:FunctionalProperty and owl:TransitiveProperty, which break the above shapes. Is there a nice SHACL-native way for me to ignore those and only pay attention to values such as ObjectProperty and DatatypeProperty, or will I have to drop down to SPARQL queries to handle this validation?

Holger Knublauch

Jul 6, 2021, 7:28:00 PMJul 6

Hi Boris,

I cannot think of a solution in SHACL Core, but SHACL-SPARQL is one option to implement this.


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