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Steve Kraus

Jan 15, 2020, 6:51:33 PM1/15/20
to Tollycraft Boating Club Forum

Searching for a replacement "paint" *** for the blue to match the original 26' and 30' 1984-89 color blue running the length of the gunwale and the  broad athwart ship BLUE on the face of the flybridge. 
*** not a gel coat. 

"Paint" is preferred, noting there is quality off-white "paint" to match Tolly off-white using a  Rust-Oleam Topside Marine  brand,  ( the color is "Oyster" )-- providing
 A-1  color match and fine durability, etc. 

They also make a gloss BLUE but looking for comments as to match, etc. or alternates. , pls. Thank you.Steve

Grant Eldridge

Jan 15, 2020, 7:22:58 PM1/15/20
to Tollycraft Boating Club Forum
Steve, have you used the Oyster color Rustoleum Marine paint? My question is this, would it be possible to apply on the hull over a poorly matched gelcoat repair and feathered out to obtain an almost unnoticeable patch? I have some spots like that, was looking into gelcoat repair or even a wrap but if this would do a decent cosmetic job would be much simpler. Thanks for any advice, Grant

Steve Kraus

Jan 15, 2020, 9:04:15 PM1/15/20
to Tollycraft Boating Club Forum
Grant,  Yes, I have used the  Oyster white on the advice of others and most recently to upgrade  the entire flybridge deck. 
The color match to the adjacent gel coat was A-1. However, , the gel coat was polished to blend with the new paint shine effect and I didn't attempt any feathering. 

However, I do not know how well it would blend to spot painting on a vertical hull side,(  within an area of normally weathered gel coating ). 

A quart at Lowes is a modest $20 +/- so could be a consideration to attempt a trial match on a smooth surface ( like glass ). and then see what you think. 
I have not feathered paint to gel, as spot painting is usually considered an "art";   and know I am not an artist!
In would value your feedback if you explore this ..


Dennis Funk

Apr 3, 2021, 1:41:42 PM4/3/21
to Tollycraft Boating Club Forum
Blue or the "Turqoise" / The Tolly Tourqoise original factory paint is from Rodda / Code LV07L875 / Rodda is a local NW manufacturer and they still can supply.


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