heavy gas fumes after winter storage

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May 19, 2022, 3:01:22 PM5/19/22
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Good day all!

The marina up here in Stillwater, MN had "plugged" my fuel tank vents with shrink wrap this past fall. (not a usual practice historically speaking)
The first cabin opening on my 86 Sport presented with heavy gas fumes-- unlike any other in the past three years I've owned her. I have vented the boat several times with all open windows etc several times only to find the fumes to return to the same intensity.

The marina is stating its not at fault.

I cannot find documentation on the position of my ailing tank, and associated vent lines etc. While I did purchase the boat from the original owner, this is one  of the items not referenced 
in the "library" he left for me...

Any help and or observations would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Dan Larson
"5 to the Bar"
86 Sport (In amazing condition)
Hudson , WI

James K. Maddox

May 19, 2022, 6:27:19 PM5/19/22
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Hello Dan:

Unless the idea can be eliminated by careful inspection, I am going to guess you have a serious fuel leak either in one of the tanks, the fuel lines or at the engine.  Any of these leaks will usually leave stains from spilled and dried fuel.  There is a very small chance you have over filled tanks or a plugged vent line, but I think that unlikely.

Whatever else you do, certainly do not make any attempt to start either engine until this issue is resolved.  The fuel vapor you are smelling is also likely to be highly explosive.

I do not know if your issue has anything to do with improper storage and shrink wrap over all your vents.  In the future I would leave the vents open for ventilation.  

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dan leenhouts

May 19, 2022, 9:48:47 PM5/19/22
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Is there any fuel in the bilge? Think about it those tanks are over 35 years old they're kind of getting towards the end of their useful life. I would hire someone to evacuate what fuel that is left in them and air the boat out for inspection. Any heavy gas odors in an engine compartment is nothing to mess with.

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