Building tkhtml3 on BSD

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Jan 6, 2011, 7:50:46 AM1/6/11
to tkhtml3
As I've mentioned I have an interest in building tkhtml3 on BSD
systems as a pre-cursor to building it on a Mac.

I want to point out that this question from three months ago that
unfortunately was not answered, also pertains to building tkhtml3 on
BSD: pkgsrc is the packaging system for NetBSD.

I'm not currently at a point where I believe I can assist though. At
least I haven't gotten my GUI up and running on my virtual FreeBSD
instance, and without a GUI, what's the sense?

So if anybody else can possibly respond to the above meaningfully, I
think it would a great thing for tkhtml3 to get included in a distro
such as NetBSD
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