Is tkhtml3 still actively developed?

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Dec 10, 2009, 1:56:02 PM12/10/09
to tkhtml3
Hi! I was wondering if there is still active development on tkhtml3?
We're using it for a project in BRL-CAD and I have been having some
problems with TkAqua and tkhtml3. I can try digging into them myself
but I wondered if there is still activity here?


Mario Becroft

Dec 11, 2009, 7:06:16 AM12/11/09
We are using tkhtml and did a fair bit of work on it recently, mainly to
enable vertical layout of tables.

It does seem to have gone rather dead, sadly, and I have no idea how to
commit any of our changes since Dan has vanished from the face of the
earth (become very busy with something, evidently). I'm not sure if our
changes could be integrated at this point anyway, since they are rather
extensive and also include some non-standard features that might not be
useful to other users, besides not being thoroughly tested on general
web sites (only our internal application).

Since we don't use Macintosh (only linux), it is unlikely that I can
help with your TkAqua-related problems. Still, if you post a brief
description of the problem on the list, maybe I or someone else might
have some ideas.

Mario Becroft <>


Dec 11, 2009, 12:26:22 PM12/11/09
Part of my concern was wanting to be able to share fixes, which seems to be an issue at the moment.

What about setting up a sourceforge project or project or some such so people still using it could have a central place to commit changes in the interim, and if/when Dan comes back we could merge back into the main tree? We've done a few changes ourselves and to get the full benefit of open source it would be better if everyone could sync their changes - I think html display is a major enough area that there will be interest in tkhtml3 for quite a while.

(I think my Aqua tkhtml3 issue was due to a build/install issue - it's working now, so not tkhtml3's fault).


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