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Yuma Antoine Decaux

Apr 25, 2013, 3:42:02 AM4/25/13

As part of my CSSE course at Uni, i have to make some GUI with Tkinter. I would gladly surf along just googling and checking examples and stuff, but i have one obstacle im trying to get through. The GUI is not accessible to Voice over users on the mac. Ok, i'm blind and i'm trying to program GUIs, that's already a bit of a contradiction, but this is fairly important for me to understand this part of the course and finish my assignment. Instead of going at it blindly hint hint, get it? I'd rather know whether there's some module or function or something that makes all the widgets in frame accessible to screen readers so i can debug myself, meaning without any sighted assistance.

Any word assistance here greatly appreciated.

best regards,


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