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Mar 28, 2022, 6:18:23 PM3/28/22
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Eric contacted me on Friday, asked if I could come see him.
I haven't really been in contact with Connor's parents since the family dinner.
I accepted his invite and asked if we could meet near the University's medicine center. He accepted.
As Eric is a very hard-to-place kind of person I thought that being in public might be the way to go, so we met up in the quad in front of the Center.

Eric was content. He asked me how Uni was, the normal small talk. It went into the direction of Connor. How lonely he was since his divorce, how Connor came to like me and his parents adored me. I kind of got the hint that Eric wanted me to form a relationship with Connor. I stated that it was out of the question. Connor is Alec's brother, maybe not by blood but still. There is bro-codes etc. I didn't like Alec that much at this point but rubbing salt in an open wound wasn't going to make things better. Not in the state that he was in anyway. I told Eric that I wasn't going to pursue Connor, he is attractive and really nice but that was a No go. To be honest, I don't have time to date at this point. Eric told me that he didn't come here to force me into a relationship, he was just suggesting that Connor and I get more acquainted. "After all, he is more my age." I suspected that he wanted a reaction out of me but it didn't really strike me until much later that Connor's dad knew about my secret. So, thankfully, I played it off cool and didn't give him the reaction that I think he wanted. At this point it's really a seesaw. It could go both ways.

I spot Alec coming towards us.
Alec wanted to know why Eric was there, he had no business with me. Alec was being Alec. He asked if I was alright as to which I assured him that we were just talking. I was afraid that they might make a scene to which I'm wasn't in the mood for. I told both Eric and Alec that I need to get to my lecture, which wasn't a lie. Eric said that we will continue the conversation another time and that I needed to think about what he had said.

As I walked away, I heard Alec said something to Eric and then came rushing to me. I didn't need this. Alec asked what he wanted, what he had said and then Lissa came to join the party. I WAS RELIEVED. Alec stepped back when we headed into class. I've never been more happy to see her. She doesn't even go to my class.

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