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Grigory Mokhin

Feb 9, 2007, 8:28:14 PM2/9/07
to tise-...@googlegroups.com, Thubtenrigzin .
I'm forwarding a question to the Tise mailing list. Does anybody else
have this experience with OpenOffice?

Best regards,

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From: Thubtenrigzin . <thubte...@hotmail.com>
Date: Feb 9, 2007 8:33 PM
Subject: Using Tise on open office
To: mok...@gmail.com

Dear Gregory,

Thanks a lot for your help making this software, now using tibetan script on
computer become easier.

I have tryied it and it works on many applications under windows XP, I will
also try maybe in few days on a windows 2000 and office 2000, I will tell
you the results....

I would like to use it on openoffice but I couldn't make it works, when I
use openofficeWriter or any soft on openoffice collections, after swicthed
on tise nothing appear when I tryied to write in tibetan, could you help me,
I think using tise on openoffice is very important because all thoses
software are open source so easy to get...
Maybe I made some mistake installing open office, maybe when the
autocorrection is on, it makes some troubles... I don't know.

My configuration is Windows XP media center SP2
French kerboard
open office 2.1 availlable on
Font unicode is intalled, and all works on notepad perfectly.

Thank for your help and answer.
all the best,

Thubten Rigzin

walter cirillo

Feb 12, 2007, 8:36:33 AM2/12/07
to tise-...@googlegroups.com
Hi, Thubten!
I use Tise with Open Office Writer and a Brazilian ABNT2 keyboard and it works very well. Are you sure that the Complex Layout Text option is activated and the CLT font is properly selected?
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