Tise + Vista + OpenOffice = no 5 in tibetan and strange printing

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May 22, 2008, 4:21:22 AM5/22/08
to Tise Development
I have just started to use Tise and have two problems:
a) All the other numbers seems okay, but when I try to write 5 (in
tibetan) nothing seems to happen. Is there anyone who have any ide
what this can be. I forgot to turn of tibetan keyboard when I started
to write this email, and here number 5 came out great in tibetan, so
it seems to be an OpenOffice kind of thing.

b) When I print out some of the text is printed correct, and then
suddently the same structurs are printed out in a different manner
with the vowels placed after the consonant and with this strange o
under. So now I export as Adobefile and print it, but it is not as
nice as a direct printout.


May 27, 2008, 6:43:35 AM5/27/08
to Tise Development
The first problem was solved when I got another copy of Tibetan
Machine Uni fonts, so now I have the number five in Tibetan, but my
printing problem seems to have changed. Instead of corrupted
printing, suddently parts in the middle of a section of tibetan text
is blank, and the text with latin letters (Times new roman) is
completely gone. I am just as new to using OpenOffice and Vista as I
am to using Tise, so any ideas about where to start looking for what
might be the problem I really appreciate.

Grigory Mokhin

May 27, 2008, 7:19:19 AM5/27/08
to tise-...@googlegroups.com
This seems to be an OpenOffice related problem. Check this site:


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