Two Feature Thoughts for Site Repotting

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Mar 25, 2010, 3:33:14 PM3/25/10
to Bonsai
The repotting process currently runs css and js through the YUI
compressor, which is great. In the same vein, what about incorporating
Smusher ( for images and Rack::Tidy
( for cleaning up generated
code? Both are low priority, but would fit nicely with Bonsai's clean

Ben Schwarz

Mar 26, 2010, 9:06:06 AM3/26/10
to Bonsai
I had thought about this myself, I think I actually semi integrated it
at one time but never finished it.
I couldn't find something that I was happy to bundle with the app, I
didn't want to rely on web services either..

When I ran smusher over a site that I worked on I saw something like a
5% improvement for file size across the board.
I didn't really feel like this was worth it at all.

Rack-tidy could be used, but I'd rather not throw a poorly written
parser at everyones html either :)
Good ideas, I've been there too; I decided that I didn't need them so
I didn't implement them.

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