refractory period (take 2)

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Virginia Rutten

May 11, 2019, 8:54:18 PM5/11/19
to Bonsai
Hi Goncalo and Bonsai Team,

I have read the following thread about incorporating refractory periods (!searchin/bonsai-users/refractory|sort:date/bonsai-users/85sEnWo3f3E/VvNT0gcPBgAJ) but I am still having some issues and was hoping to get some advice.

I would like the output (to the Arduino) to be 'off' by default (when the condition is not met). And when the condition is met (e.g.: some signal>threshold), I would like the output to the arduino be 'high' for a minimum of x numbers of seconds. 

In the examples in the thread above, 'failing to meet the condition' is never propagated, so the output of the gate (in the throttle + gate) example is a sparse train of 'True'. I would need a gate which lets both True and False to be propagated, and when a 'True' is detected, the subsequent elements are forced to be 'True' for 'n' number of seconds. 

I hope the question is understandable,
I'd be super grateful for any help,


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