[tinypy] Issue 50 in tinypy: self.* in __set__ and __get__ results in a stack overflow in SVN TinyPy

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May 8, 2010, 10:45:47 AM5/8/10
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New issue 50 by darkuranium: self.* in __set__ and __get__ results in a
stack overflow in SVN TinyPy

See the attached file for the actual problem code & comments.

This is from unmodified SVN head TinyPy.

I would suggest that an exception is made for self.*:
*.__get__(x) should never be called if the caller is a function from the
class itself (caller == self).
It should ONLY be called if caller is from another class or global, unless
it is called explocitly (as in, "self.__get__(x)" actually written in code).

The same holds for __set__(x, v), of course.

I will try to make a patch for this, but no promises... I am not very
aquainted with the TinyPy internals (yet).

test.py 536 bytes

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