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Roberto A. Foglietta

Aug 20, 2021, 2:55:22 PM8/20/21
to TinyCore Editor

 TinyCore Editor version 0.4.9 is able to build a 89 MB ISO/USB image that contains everything necessary to compile TinyCore Linux (compiletc.tz and more).

 Edit the meta packages in tinycore.conf including "develop" and "devtools". 

 Moreover - after having produced your first ISO you can do in tinycore folder sudo ./tczmetamerge.sh and all the packages will be aggregate in four meta-packages: sshonly, usbdisk, develop, devtools. This kind of configuration reduce drastically the boot time which arrives to be less than 9 seconds on a VirtualBox machine.

 For the 32bits architecture bridge-utils are still missing but they could be removed from develop.lst - they are useful to run qemu that in any case require X and it is not installed.

  I hope will enjoy it,
Roberto A. Foglietta

Roberto A. Foglietta

Aug 22, 2021, 10:11:35 AM8/22/21
to TinyCore Editor
Hi all,

 Compared to the previous version:

 TinyCore Editor (suite) version 0.5.0 is able to deliver a 32 bit TinyCore Linux in an ISO/USB image.
 That image is able to compile natively source code for 32 bit x86 platform, so the 32 support is full.

 It reduces the boot time to 5 seconds on a 2 CPUs virtual machine which is very handful achievement.
 This achievement is for "sshonly usbdisk develop devtools" 90MB ISO/USB image using meta packages.
 Read the README at the bottom in order to know how to leverage the mata packages.

 In future versions, I will work on enhance the compatibility with original TinyCore Linux especially the use of tce/cde folders instead of using the tcz folder like now. I have a plan to do it but I need time for delivering it.

 If you like to join the project or submit your feedback, feel free to use the discussion forum or the mailing-list


 I hope you will enjoy it, -R
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