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John Hanna

Apr 5, 2021, 1:41:58 PMApr 5
to tins...@googlegroups.com

Greetings all you prob/stat folks!


I’m working on a program to toss a die when you press some key and add the tossed value to a list for plotting a Frequency histogram.

I want another keypress to remove an element from that list. What , in your view, is the ‘best’ method to implement ‘remove’:

  1. remove last element (last toss),
  2. remove first element,
  3. remove a random element or…
  4. If there’s at least one element in the list: toss the die until it’s in the list and remove that value.
  5. Other?
  6. Doesn’t matter


Be Excellent,

     John Hanna



Apr 5, 2021, 2:58:17 PMApr 5
to tins...@googlegroups.com
I’d say c or d, to keep with the random nature of the program, but I would also implement a separately as an undo, in case you hit the add button too many times.

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