Thank you for attending our first meeting, but now what?

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Sep 4, 2020, 9:31:40 AM9/4/20
to Tinkerbell Contributors
Good morning!

I am Gianluca, Software Engineer at Packet.

I am here to thank you all for your participation at the first public contributor meeting.
The recording is available here Agenda.

It is not easy to jump on board when a crew of developers is in a rush of making a project to work great, and I am sorry if you didn't find the right hook to speak up and participate. But I have to say, being there means a lot and it is a great start.

Nat Friedman, CTO at GitHub often suggests that a great way to start contributing to open source requires to clone a repository. It is that easy.

In a couple of days we will have the second meeting and I would like to leave you a couple of tips and ongoing effort the community is doing and you can help us with:

1. Proposal "0007 Sandbox and the user persona" is merged and accepted. The sandbox repository is out. The Vagrant setup guide is now using that repository and not tink. There are issues open if you want you can check them out.
2. A new proposal about bc-break is open and discussions are open! Let us know what you think. I wrote it to unblock another proposal about cert management that is open as well.
3. We are reviewing and re-writing the Terraform on Packet Setup guide. It was not working but now it does and we would like to get your help validating that, please check it out and run it. PRs are open and ready for review

There is more for sure! Those are just a few pointers!
I hope to see you all next week!
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