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Tim Hortons coffee and needing it on the daily? If you say "Yes" then you know how annoying it is opening the lids tab while driving having it sloshing around every turn, dip and bump making little coffee puddles and messes in your vehicle. This is a simple yet highly effective technique that minimizes spillage of that "oh so valuable" hot caffeinated beverage that is essential for you to have any daily productivity what so ever. If you want in on the "know" than I suggest you follow along this ridiculously easy life-hack.

Don't be a sheep just following the herd and listening to "the man" about how to open your delicious coffee. Think out side the box! While using no extra materials turn your spilly coffee into a modern drip-less, splash-less cup that is ever so clever it's "awe inspiring". Sometimes you have to go "against the grain" and "draw out-side of life's lines" to show your individualism and creativity in a practical way. People will be asking them selves "who is this guy/gal that is breaking all the rules?" You will have a smarter impression upon meeting new people and will likely get you that new job you always wanted from all that extra productivity you have from that un-spilled life nectar.

Hold on to your seats, not only are we not going to open and fold up top like "they" think we should, were actually going to fold the tab inside the cup; creating a "spill-gate" as we at the lab have coined. The best part is that it will not hinder the "drink-ability" of your coffee at all! Feel free to hit some sweet jumps in your caravan feeling safe that "Tim's" will still be there waiting for you in its entirety.

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