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Apr 2, 2009, 3:34:35 PM4/2/09
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April 2009

This past award season finished for me with "Zandia" being crowned
with a Fantasm for the Best Futuristic Romance Novel. What an honor -
thank you everyone who voted for Xer and Sui.

Two shorts were submitted in March, a paranormal/shape-shifter called
"Captive" and a contemporary/light western called "Konnichiwa, Cowboy"
and I hope to hear something about them both soon. I also have
"Dragon Lust" back in hand and have had the fabulous Stella Price do
up a cover for it and will soon have it as a Free Read!

I've also signed up to attend to unique conventions in October and
hope you all can come out. The first is Ellora's Cave RomantiCon
[October 9-11, Akron, OH] and Jacquelyn Frank hosts Authors After Dark
Weekend [October 23-25, Suffern, NY].


April personal appearances are:

5 Tilly Greene celebrating the debut issue of Main Street
Magazine which will have an interview with her inside.

10 Tilly Greene is talking about where ideas come from on Shiloh
Walker's Blog

11 Tilly Greene and other authors will be hosting a Jump Into
Spring event at Unique Books, Bayonne, NJ.

16 Tilly Greene is talking Ménages on Selena Illyria's Blog

25-26 A menage weekend at Talking TwoLips

There's a plethora of contests going on this months.

Every week Samhain Publishing is hosting a contest.

Every month Passionate Ink newsletter Book Notes gives away books by
their members. Sign up for the newsletter and you're entered.

Every month WCPTorrid newsletter has an opportunity to win an ebook of
your choice. Joint the newsletter group for details.

March winners of Tilly Greene ebooks to celebrate Read an eBook Week
are: Jodi, Earlene, Mary, Erin, Cory, Sara W., Shirley and for the St
Patrick’s Day TRS Party Lisa was the name pulled... congratulations

What am I looking forward to in April?
WRITING! Most of March was spent away from the laptop and the
multitude of stories I need to get out of my head, this month, I will
find a way to let them out!

Random Scorching Excerpt
Hephaestus Lays Down the Lawt
eBook exclusively from ARe

Paperback, Love's Immortal Pantheon Anthology, is available through

“A surprise? For me? Really? How exciting!” Aphrodite clapped her
hands and started dancing with excitement.

“Of course it’s for you. I enjoy making things that make you
smile.” While it was easy to turn his wife’s head with baubles and
pretty trinkets, the one he was leading her to was going to be
pleasurable for both of them. Hopefully it would eventually lead to
her proclaiming her heart in his favor. He may be an eternal
optimist, but didn’t care if there was a chance it was true.

“You’re so creative. Everything you’ve made for me is simply

“Thank you. That’s very thoughtful of you to say, especially since
you can’t stand to sit near me after I’ve spent a great deal of time
crafting your gift with my own hands.”

“Yes, well…”

“It’s all right, darling. I know I’m not pretty or perfect to look
at, but don’t make the mistake of misjudging me. I can still bring
you multiple orgasms and make you scream out with passion. Not bad
for a lame beast.”

“Stop it! I hate it when you put yourself down or let others go
unpunished for doing it. I happen to think you’re sweet, creative,
and very handsome.”

“Really?” The conviction behind her claim surprised him. Of course
he knew she found him appealing, or at least enough to have sex with
him, but he still had to wonder if it was his appearance that caused
her to turn to others.

“Yes, really. One of the reasons I married you was your ability to
turn me inside out with a single look from those golden eyes.”

“Then why, if I turn you on, do you go to others for sex?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter anyway, because I always come back
to you.” Her answer was flippant and didn’t answer the question.
Hephaestus knew it couldn’t have been settled that quickly, so

“But it matters to me, Phria.” They walked into their private
quarters and Hephaestus turned to watch her face as she found an
elaborate and fussy throne he’d made just for her. Of course he’d
added a few special things just for him, but that was for later.

“Ooo, Heph, it is incredible!” He was entranced by her delicate hands
stroking over various shells, pieces of coral, and other treasures
from the sea he’d used to decorate the chair. He could almost believe
it was his body she was touching.

“Have a seat, check it out firsthand, and see how it suits you.”
Aphrodite settled her delightful backside onto the blue cushion. She
squirmed around a bit, as if she couldn’t find any comfort.

“Everything all right?”

“Not quite.”

“Well that isn’t good. Maybe your toga is getting bunched up. Why
don’t you take it off and try the throne naked.” The silky sheer
sheath, gathered at one shoulder, floated to the ground, and with a
flick from her fingers pooled around her feet. His next breath stuck
in his throat, she was simply stunning.

Her beautiful curves tempted him to run his hands over them all and
treasure their sensuous feel. Plump pink lips tempted his own to kiss
them, full breasts with hard red tips made his fingers twitch with a
need to touch them, and the pussy she kept bare taunted him to fill it
with his hard cock. However, before he did that, there were words of
love and devotion he needed to hear first.

“Is that better?” Walking over to the bar, he poured them both a cup
of ambrosia. They’d both need the energy it offered immortals.

“This throne is divine. Do I look good sitting in it?”

Copyright © 2009 Tilly Greene

Igor Amelkovich – photographer

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A somewhat new look to the website! I'm still tinkering but hopefully
making it an interesting and informative stop on the internet for
you. Let me know if there's something you'd like to see or would
rather I not waste space on - I'm open to comments and criticisms :-)

Current WIP(s)
I'm going to add a bit more to "Dragon Lust" and then it's over to
"Come, Now". A few changes were requested and I need to get those
done before resubmitting. Then, then I'm all over my cowboys! Come
on April, let's get writing!
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