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Mar 1, 2009, 11:47:26 AM3/1/09
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The Monthly Scorcher
Tilly Greene Newsletter
March 2008

So, what's been happening lately? Well, "Highland Heat", an erotic
shape-shifter romance, was released from Ellora's Cave, "Hephaestus
Lays Down the Law" and "Together Again?", both paranormal/mythology
erotic romances, have been released by Tease Publishing and are now
available exclusively from All Romance eBooks. "Love's Immortal
Pantheon" anthology, which includes "Hephaestus Lays Down the Law", is
now available in paperback.

A few other things that have brought a smile to my face is that "Hot
Couture" won REC's Best Erotic Romance - All OTHER Genres Novel of the
Year and was nominated as Best Erotic Book 2008 by Love's Romances.
Another fabulous turn was when I learned "Ride 'em" was nominated for
a CAPA [BDSM category] by The Romance Studio and then it won! Wow, so
very exciting!

March personal appearances are:

14 Tilly Greene and other authors will be at the St. Patrick's Day
event at Borders, Scranton, PA.

21 Tilly Greene and other authors will be at the Wine & Cheese party
at Chicklet Books, Princeton, NJ.

28 Tilly Greene and other authors will be at the Jump Into Spring
event at The Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY

There's a plethora of contests going on this months.

Every week Samhain Publishing is hosting a contest.

Every month Passionate Ink newsletter Book Notes gives away books by
their members. Sign up for the newsletter and you're entered.

Every month WCPTorrid newsletter has an opportunity to win an ebook of
your choice. Joint the newsletter group for details.

November-February winners of Tilly Greene tote bags and other goodies
are: Krista B. [Banned Books Week/Monthly Scorcher Contest], Eva M
[In 3 Words/Monthly Scorcher Contest], Ann W., Cathy Mc, Kim A. [End
of Year/Monthly Scorcher Contest], Melanie G. [TRS 12 Days of
Christmas Contest], April M. [Laird or Lady Contest] and Karen S.
[Yeehaw Contest]... congratulations everyone!

What am I looking forward to in March?
The end of the snow, ice and freezing temperatures! I know, it's a
dream. Otherwise, sleeping in our bed, catching up with friends, and
getting my right hand back to full power!

Random Scorching Excerpt
Highland Heat
eBook out now at Ellora's Cave

“We aren’t compatible,” she said without thinking.

“I think we are.” There was no hesitation about him or his belief in
his claim. The complete assurance he possessed that they’d be
together turned her on even further.


“Shhh, trust me, everything will be fine.” His tongue reached out and
traced the slightly parted seam between her lips.

She wanted to believe him, but couldn’t.

“How do you know? I might like, well, something different.”

Different, that was putting it mildly. Hamish Buchanan was well known
throughout Scotland and the world. His reputation was impeccable,
never a bad word mentioned about him personally or professionally.
The tabloids painted him as a gentleman, a gentle attentive lover, who
had a problem with commitment. She never heard or read so much as a
hint that he was into playing sex games like the ones she enjoyed.
That kind of information would be worth a pretty penny to a woman who
felt jilted and had been left behind.

The man was powerful and controlling, the side of him that attracted
her most, and she seriously doubted he’d ever pushed it to the limits
while in the bedroom.

When he paused in his sweet seduction and looked at her with confusion
on his face, Grace could have kicked herself. Did it really matter if
they had a delicious bout of vanilla sex? He had her quivering with
need since last night. Honestly, at this point in time, she wanted
him any way she could get him.

She blinked, ready to tell him it didn’t matter, when a naughty grin
graced his face. He appeared even more confident than he had before.
It was as if he knew he had the means to ease her needs.

“Listen to what I have to say, then be truthful and tell me if my
needs don’t meet with yours.”

Was this man ever not entirely sure about something? All she could
manage in return was a small nod and waited to hear what he had to
say. Thankfully, he didn’t need any more input from her to continue
his sweet seduction of her mind and body.

“I want you in my bedroom, stripped of everything except for a pair of
these high heels you’re wearing and sheer black stockings. After
that, I’ll strap you onto a spreader bar, something to keep your
stance wide and ready. This way I can see, touch and play with your
delicious wet pussy. And trust me, you’ll be dripping. Your arms are
secured to another rod for me to position you for our pleasure.”

She groaned, wanting what he offered without any further delay. Did
he read minds? How was it possible that he knew what she liked?

“Maybe this bar will hold you bent in half, placing you in the perfect
position to suck on my cock with your beautiful mouth. Or so I can
fuck you from behind. It could be your arms are stretched far above
your head—”

“Stop!” Grace called out with a rasping voice. “Please, Hamish, stop
Copyright (c) 2009 Tilly Greene

Ellora’s Cave - http://www.jasminejade.com/ps-6828-50-highland-heat.aspx

A new look at an old toy - legos! Ectoplasmosis

Ray Caesar – artist

Chocopologie Cafe [in historic South Norwalk, CT]

Tanga Fine Lingerie

Too many to list, but here are a few I remember off the top of my
head :-) I'm keeping the Eye Candy this year because these guys
actually do inspire me. There's a new Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes
for "Ride 'em" and trailer for "Hephaestus Lays Down the Law". Oh,
there's also a couple of free reads now available. "Special Deliver"
is at the Pink Chair Diaries and "The Chase Begins" is available
through The Samhellion. The latter story shows how Rol Tunociv, Xer
from Zandia's second in command, meets his mate.

Current WIP(s)
I'm working on a shape-shifter short that will be given to one of my
publishers for a special anthology - more on that when all the details
are ironed out. After that, I'm heading back into the Cowboy Brand
series - yeehaw!
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