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Jun 1, 2010, 10:32:52 AM6/1/10
to Tilly Greene's Scorching Romances
June is a big month and I'm in the mood to share the love. What makes
it such a big deal?

1. A major seasonal shift takes place around the world [Northern
Hemisphere gets Summer and the Southern gets Winter].

2. Julius Ceasar gave a 30th day to June in 46BC.

3. Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and West Virginia all became states
and Hawaii was oraganized as a territory.

4. Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Argentina and the United States all
celebrate a flag day, and

5. 5 years ago I submitted my first manuscript [Come, Sweet Creature
[]] to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid [http://] and it was
accepted - woohoo!

Obviously the last one was big, huge, for me personally, but let me
mix in a bit of a confession for good measure. Before writing, I had
already started to lean away from buying traditional books with the
purchase of my beloved [and unfortunately lost to the washing machine]
Toshiba e335 Pocket PC for a summer holiday. With its arrival came a
new sense of joy and freedom to my reading selections, and I haven't
looked back.

Now, as I mentioned above, I'm in the mood to share the love of
reading, specifically with ebooks and I'm going to do that by giving
away a Pink Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition [http://] and a three boxes stuffed full of goodies
I brought back from RT Booklovers Convention [http://] on the 1st of July.

Okay, that was why the big huge reader contest is here and what some
of the prizes are, now for the really important question: how to

Every day of June on this blog [], with
the help of 28 authors, will be a blog about a book/ebook - call it an
a month of Book and eBook Talk!. They may showcase a new release, new
genre or it may be new to you author or an old favorite, and what you
need to do to enter is leave a comment/query [authors will stop by
when they can] and some way to contact you if you win. Whatever you
want to say is good and at the end of each day I'll take a comment
from each person and put it in a bowl. That means you can enter 30
times - great odds to win an ereader!

Besides the four prizes noted above, random authors throughout the
month will have something special to giveaway on their book days, so
keep an eye out for those days.

There you go, a big huge reader contest [] which
will have us all talking and buying books to enjoy.

Good luck everyone and get ready, it all starts tomorrow [June 1st]

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