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Theuns Heydenrych

Mar 2, 2016, 7:28:56 AM3/2/16
to Tilestache
I am using a mbtile file created with tilemill. I created mbtiles from the open dc streets project, that comes with tilemill.
The tilestache.cfg file look like this.

"name": "Test",
"path": "/tmp/stache",
"umask": "0000"
"name": "mbtiles",
"tileset": "open-streets-dc_5d0fb2.mbtiles"

The "open-streets-dc_5d0fb2.mbtiles" file is in c:\ directory, and I am using latest chrome browser.
When using I get the following response from TileStache: "TileStache bellows hello."
When left click and drag on the blank page the url changes, I guess to new coordinates.

But I dont see the tiles being displayed, any suggestions to what can be wrong?
How can I fix this?


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