Is it possible to saving client side settings? client config files?

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Sean Smith

Sep 26, 2021, 2:05:58 PM9/26/21
to TigerVNC User Discussion/Support
Hi All,

Loving TigerVNC for its encryption support and auto-resizing (goodbye xrandr).  Its been working very well.   There are some options I need to set every time I start a client like Pass System Keys and some settings related to full screen and multiple monitor usage.   There doesn't seem to be any way to save these settings from the GUI but the docs mention a client configuration file.  Does anyone know how to create a client configuration file for windows or a mac that will allow the user to specify these GUI options settings automatically upon invocation?

Sean Smith

David Bolton

Sep 26, 2021, 3:51:37 PM9/26/21

I'm not sure where the settings are saved in Windows, but noticed that
if you choose Options on the connection window it does remember some of
those options between sessions.

I also use batch files to include settings I want. For example I have a
.bat file in the same folder s vncviewer that includes the following

START vncviewer64-1.11.0.exe -geometry 1381x783+1080+0


Sean Smith

Sep 26, 2021, 4:17:07 PM9/26/21
to David Bolton,
Thanks David. Thats a good idea. let met see if I can find command
line options for all the settings in the GUI I routinely use. I'm
always looking at options once its running. Let me play around with the
connections window. That's something I've been overlooking.

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