Clipboard doesn't work on Ubuntu

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Judge Richter

Jun 25, 2021, 7:43:08 AM6/25/21
to TigerVNC User Discussion/Support


i have 2 machines running with ubuntu 20.04 and tigervnc-server 1.10.1 on both machines. Here there are the options "SendCutText" and "AcceptCutText" to use clipbpard in both directions. but it never worked for my. I also found some other solutions using autocutsel but i thinks its better to find a solution that tigervnc support.

i updated one of the machine to tigervnc 1.11, but now i can't find the options in the man page. clipboard don't work.

i tested it with the remmina viewer and the tigervnc viewer.  What is the "official" way to use clipboard on ubuntu?

Pierre Ossman

Jun 29, 2021, 7:49:30 AM6/29/21
to Judge Richter, TigerVNC User Discussion/Support
It should "just work", so I'm not sure what might be wrong. Could you
describe in more detail how TigerVNC is set up on the server? Perhaps we
can spot something that might explain this.

You could also have a look at debug logging on the client and server and
see if that gives any clues:

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