Enabling Tigervnc Causes Fedora 34 to Hang

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Peter Hemmings

Jul 28, 2021, 6:50:40 PM7/28/21
to TigerVNC User Discussion/Support

I have spent a few hours and am locked into a loop!

I have configured Tigervnc and can start the service with:
systemctl start vncserver@:1

Checked status and all is OK.
Rebooted OK and can repeat the above.
If I then do:
systemctl start vncserver@:1
systemctl stop vncserver@:1
systemctl enable vncserver@:1
then check it is enabled with "status" and reboot the PC hangs after logging in with a grey screen and no curser.
If I log in in text mode I can see the server is running .
To get my desktop back I have to disable the server and all is OK.
I have tried wayland and non wayland desktops but with the same results.
Can someone suggest why this is happening and how to stop ir hanging the desktop?


Pierre Ossman

Aug 4, 2021, 5:34:50 AM8/4/21
to Peter Hemmings, TigerVNC User Discussion/Support
On 7/29/21 12:50 AM, Peter Hemmings wrote:
> Can someone suggest why this is happening and how to stop ir hanging the
> desktop?

Are you using the same user for your VNC session and your local login?
That will generally not work as a lot of modern components are
unfortunately designed to only support a single session.

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