Heads up: Transclude Widget does not behave as per documentation

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Charlie Veniot

Oct 15, 2021, 10:41:10 PMOct 15
to TiddlyWiki
Concerned about hi-jacking the Question for clarification transclude widget vs shorthand transcludes thread over at TiddlyTalk, I figured best to move further, if any, discussion in a separate thread.

The TranscludeWidget dynamically imports content from another tiddler.

To me, as per the attached experiment (download the attached and drag into https://tiddlywiki.com/) and screenshot further below, the transclude widget's behaviour does not match the documentation.

The Transclude Widget does not import content from another tiddler.  What it does: present the currentTiddler as per the "template tiddler" specified in the Transclude widget's  "tiddler" parameter.  

So careful how you use the Transclude Widget.

(Personally, I think TranscludeWidget's Tiddler should be the tiddler to transclude, and a new parameter, say "template", should specify the transclusion template.  But what do I know...)

Screenshot 2021-10-15 11.34.55 PM.png

Charlie Veniot

Oct 15, 2021, 10:57:12 PMOct 15
to TiddlyWiki
Arg!  I screwed up the title in my original post, so I deleted it and created this new post (with fixed title) right pronto.

TiddlyTalk included the original post from GG before I deleted it from GG (I deleted within about 30 seconds after posting the original.)

Hence the back to back posts with contradictory titles.

Apologies to TiddlyTalk members!

On the bright side, I suppose:  TiddlyTalk solidly nabs posts from GG, which is pretty cool.

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