Imagining a TiddlyWiki Portal Website: what should we find there?

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Charlie Veniot

Aug 4, 2022, 2:49:10 PMAug 4
to TiddlyWiki
My "TiddlyWiki Portal Project"

What should we be able to find in a TiddlyWiki Portal Project?

What things would you like to easily find there?

If you don't mind collaborating on a list via Google Forms, then please share your thoughts anonymously:
  • one "thing" per form submission
  • as many submissions as you like
  • bookmark the "edit your reponse" link(s) to edit your response(s) at any time

Alternatively, feel free to post a reply here (Google Groups).

The topic of this question has been discussed in various forms many times and in many threads over there years.

If you find any relevant and notewearthy discussions, submit any via the form or as a reply here.

Cheers !

Charlie Veniot

Aug 4, 2022, 3:39:38 PMAug 4
to TiddlyWiki
My suggestion goes entirely in the opposite direction than  Redesign of - TAKE 1

I'm no fan of a TiddlyWiki instance that serves all purposes for all people.  Landing page, online demo, online documentation, and community test bed.  When something tries to be all things for all people, it doesn't do all that great at any of the things.  It is bloated and heavy (lethargic), and hard to navigate.

What I'm suggesting here is a proper portal, that does only that job: be a portal.  A portal to all things, including many TiddlyWiki instances, each TiddlyWiki instance doing an intended job.  Many online demos focused on what they are demoing.  Many for online documentation.  All of them available as community  test beds.  Any one TiddlyWiki instance able to behave as a client and/or a server to any other one.

ASIDE: Many TiddlyWiki instances for online documentation?  YES!  For example: a TiddlyWiki instance with the sole purpose of navigating and learning TiddlyWiki interface elements.  That lets a visitor interact with it in the same way as the tutorial for TreeSheets (download TreeSheets and when you open it, you have access to the tutorial that invites you to try this and try that.)

Something like that.  I'm never done piecing together what I'm thinking ...


Aug 4, 2022, 8:42:21 PMAug 4
to TiddlyWiki
Hello, I have very recently been making a go at improving my Tiddlywiki skills, although I have been acquainted with it for 14 years.

I agree with the OP's perspective. (Linking to various "instances" and resources, rather than trying to provide all of them in one place.)

  • links to Instances with
  • help topics,
  • plugins,
  • demos,
  • themes, etc.
  • icons
  • base64 fonts
  • css blurbs

As is the case with many of these things, especially plugins, multiple plugins sometimes exist on one tw demo site created by a contributor.

My specific additional input is to attempt lists of individual plugins (and other bulleted items) such that they are find-able on an individual basis, with some kind of search or category tagging parameters.

Even though there is not an overwhelming list, it could be its own Tiddlywiki all by itself, and benefit.


Aug 4, 2022, 8:48:37 PMAug 4
to TiddlyWiki
My only idea for how to gather this information is through a bit of additional direction in plugin creation instructions, and recruitment from 3rd parties to contribute such information.

This is the type of information I personally would be willing to submit through emails/git sites, etc. That is: links to resources I have found, perhaps asking permission of contributors if that is necessary.


Charlie Veniot

Aug 4, 2022, 9:34:39 PMAug 4
to TiddlyWiki
That's good stuff !

Charlie Veniot

Aug 4, 2022, 9:53:34 PMAug 4
to TiddlyWiki
There's something I always have in mind and intend on "tackling" (well, at least get various discussions going to get folk thinking about it.)

I like simple tools and light (as in barely-there if not entirely avoidable) processes.

The question is how to enable contributions to "directories of stuff" without process, without accounts, without multiple steps, with barely any effort required?

In my mind, the best ways to support TiddlyWiki and the community is applying the right tools for each job, with a particular focus on making multi-user collaboration a no-brainer.

Something like that.

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