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Charlie Veniot

Nov 20, 2021, 3:48:14 PM11/20/21
to TiddlyWiki
G'day all,

As loads of folk know, due to cognitive challenges, I've been finding TiddlyTalk too challenging for my abilities.

Not satisfied with either TiddlyTalk or TiddlyWiki documentation, and finding it much too difficult to explain this mass of intertwingled thoughts in my head:
  • the whole design of "everything"
  • workflows/development process of "everything"
  • using the best tools for each need/purpose
  • to have a way to consolidate distributed sources of whatever easily accessed from one place
  • yadda yadda yadda ad infinitum/nauseum
Anybody interested in participating in any capacity/scope (even if just feedback and/or questions), don't be shy.  Contact me via private message at TiddlyTalk.

(TiddlyTalk and the TiddlyWiki Google Group are too broad in scope for conversations about this project.  Part of this project is about developing better practices/designs for collaboration/communication, and neither TiddlTalk nor the TiddlyWiki Google Group cut the mustard.)

This project starts with this:  TiddlyWiki Portal built/maintained with Google Sites.

Pretty much a blank canvas at the moment, with no consideration, for now, about "prettiness" (colors/themes/etc.).

For now, it is about gathering requirements and getting a framework together considering "everything" (content, process, management, you name it.)

Charlie Veniot

Nov 20, 2021, 7:14:14 PM11/20/21
to TiddlyWiki
Somebody made a terrific suggestion (you know who you are:  THANK-YOU !) of providing a few ways to contact me.

I've added a few ways to get in touch with me right on the portal's home page.  Should you not necessarily want to setup either a TiddlyTalk account or set yourself up in the TiddlyWiki Google Group.  (I'll be setting up a form for anybody to contact me privately.)

Cheers !

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