"Factory Reset", "Edition System Update", "TW Upgrade"

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Charlie Veniot

Nov 9, 2022, 1:49:18 PM11/9/22
to TiddlyWiki
This is a "feature set" that I"m working out for BASIC Anywhere Machine.

I think that would make sense for any TiddlyWiki "Edition".

(By "Edition", I mean a TiddlyWiki instance you use as-is or make it your own by customising it any way possible.  Different from a "plug-in", in my mind.)

BASIC Anywhere Machine is a TiddlyWiki instance with all kinds of "architectural" stuff that make BASIC Anywhere Machine what it is and able to do what it does.

Then there is all of the existing "content" that exists in there as part of using it.  So BASIC programs, tasks, etc.

To make any version of BASIC Anywhere Machine your own without "content", i.e. pristine and ready for just your content, enter the "Factory Reset" feature, which purges everything but the "architectural" stuff.

"Edition System Update", a process, is just a matter of setting up the ability to drag a package of "architectural" stuff (maybe as a plugin, likely not) from the one edition to the edition being upgraded.

"TW Upgrade", the service, is already existing.  If for any reason I've fallen behind and skipped upgrading BASIC Anywhere Machine to the latest and greatest version of TW and you want your copy to be working on the latest version of TW, you can do that.

Something like that.  Mulling it all over.
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