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Jeremy Ruston

Dec 17, 2018, 6:35:44 AM12/17/18
to TiddlyWiki
We have found a few minor problems that were introduced in v5.1.18 and are now planning the imminent release of v5.1.19 to fix those issues. The prerelease is available for testing at:

The bugs were:

* Incompatible change to the construction of filename used for saving
* Problem with fonts for the KaTeX plugin
* Problem with forcing basic authentication for the WebServer
* Problem with the ButtonWidget not refreshing when the `popupTitle` attribute changes
* Problem with `empty.html` accidentally containing a splash screen
* Regression with search matches across multiple fields

There’s one new feature that has been introduced to address the problem with the download filename: there’s now a hidden setting for specifying the filename as a wikified template, so things like `{{$:/SiteTitle}}.html` will work.

Whether or not you were affected by any of those bugs, please give the prerelease a try and report any problems here or on GitHub.

Please note that we are not considering any further enhancements or other changes. The idea is to get this bug fix release out as fast as possible and then start work on v5.1.20.

There are several issues marked for consideration in v5.1.20:

As ever, many thanks to everyone who helped with finding or fixing these bugs.

Best wishes


Mark S.

Dec 17, 2018, 1:36:23 PM12/17/18
to TiddlyWiki
Tweak to "Creating journal tiddlers" to reflect change from $(currentTiddler)$ to <<currentTiddler>> ?

-- Mark

Jeremy Ruston

Dec 18, 2018, 1:04:31 PM12/18/18
Hi Mark

Tweak to "Creating journal tiddlers" to reflect change from $(currentTiddler)$ to <<currentTiddler>> ?

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