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Asia Radune

Dec 6, 2023, 9:47:02 PM12/6/23
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However, by becoming unexpected martyrs to the cause of free speech, the Smothers Brothers lost their most influential national TV platform just when that freedom mattered the most. Like Elvis Presley when he was shipped off to the army, or Muhammad Ali when he was stripped of his heavyweight title for refusing to fight in Vietnam, the Smothers Brothers were nonconformist iconoclasts, pop-culture heroes yanked from the national spotlight in their prime. Muhammad Ali became the champ again, and Elvis returned to record many more number-one hits, but Tom and Dick Smothers never again enjoyed the influence or mass popularity of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. In terms of introducing and encouraging new talent, pushing the boundaries of network television, and reflecting the youth movement and embracing its antiwar stance and anti-administration politics, the show was, quite literally, their finest Hour.

The Comedy Hour introduced fresh talent -- from inhouse future stars Pat Paulsen and Mason Williams to such emerging rock groups as Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, and the Who -- while making room for veteran stars from movies, TV, even vaudeville. On one show, Kate Smith shared billing with Simon and Garfunkel. Another show featured Mel Torme, Don Knotts, and Ravi Shankar. Musicians came on not to perform their old or current hits, but to unveil new ones -- a bold departure from established practice. The Beatles even provided the brothers with a US exclusive -- the videotaped premiere of "Hey Jude" -- and in the middle of the Smothers Brothers' battles with the CBS censors, George Harrison showed up in 1968 as a surprise guest to offer moral support. "Whether you can say it or not," Harrison urged them on the air, "keep trying to say it." And they did. First, individual words and phrases that CBS found objectionable were cut from skits after rehearsals or edited out of the final master tape. Then entire segments were cut because of their political, social, or anti-establishment messages.

movie Tom Dick Harry Rock Again free


I consider the ACLU the most important organization in the United States of American in defending the freedoms that we all enjoy. They come to the aid of the little guy time and time again.
Albert - NJ

9/11 was a day of tragedy that could have united the world against terrorism. Instead, it was used as a power grab in every sense. Now more than ever, I understand just how precious our freedoms and protections are. The American people lost far more than innocence on 9/11.
Amber - ID

We can either die on our feet or live on our knees. Giving up everything we believe in for "safety" is living on our knees. Let us be brave once again and live free and large and unafraid.
Bebe - NM

Our freedoms to assemble and speak against our elected officials have been subverted by politicians who don't believe in said rights because what we are saying does not agree with their ideology. THIS SHOULD BE UNACCEPTABLE TO US. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ARE ROLLING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES.

9/11 and the Bush Administration were great examples of leadership through fear. Abandoning our Constitution at any time, but especially where fear and manipulation take its place is the most dangerous thing to our democracy and leaves "Government of the people, By the People, and For the People" just so many empty words. Our Constitution is the one document to secure and retain our freedoms and prevent us from making the same mistakes again and again based on fear, bias, inuendo, and personal agendas.
Dale - CA

It's time to recommit to protecting our country against the creeping Fascism that has taken hold. When people can be arrested for merely asking questions at a congressional town hall, or for wearing a t-shirt that the Repugnicans don't like, or confined in "free speech" pens during political conventions, or spied upon by the government without a warrant, what has happened to our freedom?
David - MA

Under Universal Laws and Constitutional Laws, we were born to be free and live a long and prosperous life. That freedom has be taken away from us by a corrupt and unjust government. The time has come to set things right again. A whole restructuring of our governnment officials, politicians and the like needs to take place, to rebuild what our fore fathers had imagined for us all and never took place. May we all learn from where we made mistakes, and adjust accordingly. May freedom reign supreme on our planet once again! Amen
Deborah M. - CA

When we saw the attacks of 9/11. we were horrified and terrified. Unfortunately, we gave in to the terror and in the name of security, suborned the very freedoms we cherished. We let the terrorists win by changing the way we did things. We can change it again. We have the laws already there, in the Constitution to do so. We all must fight for it and ourselves and I, for one, will do until the day I die.
J. - MA

September 11 has really impacted America. We have to work together and protect our freedoms. We must continue to promote education, jobs, health benefits, our rights, and our beliefs. We have the ability to make a difference and we must continue to fight for our rights. Things may look bad in America right now but we have the power to turn things around. We have to trust God and believe in him in times of uncertainty. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, we are fighting against principalities and powers of darkness in the world. We must stand up and fight for what we believe in and help those who are less fortunate. Together we can turn things around in America and we can reclaim what's been taken away in our country.
Jason - MI

United States differentiates itself from previous great powers in history in that it's "romantic", ie. it really believes in justice and fairness. It sometimes treasures its value more than its interest. This unprecedented uniqueness makes it a beacon of the world. People in every corner of the world who has justice and fairness in their hearts would love United States. This could also be the reason God blesses US. Let's face it, the prosperity and power US enjoys today doesn't come as an inevitable. It's more like an accident. It's more like God's blessing. It's a privilege. Don't let the terrorists destroy it. Don't let Al Queda win. The alternative is obvious: taking out the principles of justice and freedom, you will get a US that is no more differentiated from any country in the world, or even some developing countries. If you happen to come across any movie about the third world, you may feel how blessed you are, "Gosh, I am glad it doesn't happen here." Now spend one moment to imagine taking out the protection of the Constitution. You see it? Yes, it can happen here. Human being are the same, especially those in power. It's only because of the Constitution it didn't happen here. We have an obligation to create a better world for ourselves and our kids.
Jeff - BC

As a Viet Nam veteran, I can share my feelings on returning home from fighting our country's battle abroad, but, I won't for I have matured. It is extremely easy for patriotic feelings to make one feel our Constitution and its rules for freedom do not apply duing times of conflict or disagreement. Then we remember, When a person, any person, loses a right or has their right infringed upon, we all will suffer. Our Constitution is the foundation our country is built upon. I am proud to carry the only card in America that actually carries out our elected officials oath; To defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
John - WI

Thank you for taking this stand for freedom and upholding the Constitution. Yes, I have been fighting for 7 years to be heard about the sex offender laws and retroactivity of laws that is applied to them. My son was 17 years old when he was charged with sex crimes while dating his girlfriend. These laws HAVE GOT TO STOP! Too many people are being locked up and added new laws to their sentences. The registry is a TOTAL violation of our Constitution! These people have no way to work, live with their families or find housing. They can not be buried in some cemeteries, get unemployment benefits or go to social events after incarceration like other felons. Please help fight for the rights of ALL people! Thank you again!
Kimberly - IN

As we mourn the loss of life sustained on Sept. 11, 2001, let us all unite to fight the loss of freedom so many have endured in the past ten years. We must regain those lost freedoms and fight to never lose them again!
Laura - CA

We must defend our country against terrorism without sacrificing the rights of our own citizens. We must also uphold the law of the constitution. It is important now to defend not only free speech but also the separation of church and state.
Loris - MO

When i heard the audience cheer about Rick Perry's brutal and ignorant execution record. it reminded me of what we are fighting against. This country was founded on justice and freedom from tyrants. We obviously still have plenty of work to do.
Lucy - AL

Every day we see items in the news that inspire gut reactions of outrage. The trouble is that we too often do not take the time to think about news and by thinking I mean critical thinking. A good example was when President Obama publicly spoke out upon hearing of the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates for disorderly conduct. But at least he recognized his blunder and made amends. Can that be said of many in the news commentary business that fight over being the first to give their gut reactions to things that they know very little about, like the recent killing spree in Norway. When the news first broke there was immediate blame placed on Al Qaeda, Muslim extremists, and jihadis in general. How wrong they were. The same thing happened in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing--it must have been Muslims. Wrong again. I am constantly getting emails that have gone through many generations of forwarding, all expressing outrage over one thing or another, but what they all have in common is a lack of examination of the facts. It rarely takes me long to verify the lack of veracity or the twisting of facts from these largely anonymous articles. But these emails just keep going around long after the lies have been exposed. What is wrong with America is just what Adolph Hitler recognized as his power base when he said "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." Far too many of us fail to think critically about what happens around us each day. Because of that we, or the people we elect to represent us, give support to laws that pass to "get tough on crime" only to discover the unintended consequences that come back to bite them. 9/11 scared us, but was our collective gut reaction appropriate? Are we happy with the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are we happy with the way the Patriot Act has curtailed many of our freedoms? Were our leaders using critical thinking skills when they took these measures to "Protect our National interests?" Or were they just counting on the people not thinking so that they could pursue some hidden agenda? Of course, I am not suggesting that our leaders have nothing but the highest respect for the people who elected them. Now, what do you think? And take your time thinking, don't just react.
Mark - MT

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